Things to look for

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January 27, 2018

Things to look for

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweilers by many are viewed as aggressive and vicious as viewed in many movies and shows alike. But the truth is why would they use a dog that would not listen on command and have their trust to perform and choose the Rottweiler over many other breeds for the movie/show. That is because the Rottweiler is an obedient and eye-catching breed and it would only make sense to use in movies, music videos and tv shows.  Those that have and live with a Rottweiler know that the Rottweiler is completely different from the vicious view that is given. AKC’s personality for the Rottweiler is loving, loyal and described as reserved with strangers and affectionate and loyal with his family.

They are good with kids and other pets living in the household alike and are loyal to the whole family. But, are watchful over strangers near their loved ones unless properly introduced.

Rottweilers are a territorial breed by nature and it is not uncommon to see a Rottweiler showing guarding behavior towards strangers around his family and toys. For this reason, Rottweilers need to be socialized from a young age. It is vital you start to become the pack leader from the start and continuously praise and encourage positive behavior.

The breed today can be seen everywhere in all places of the world performing different jobs. They are used as companions for people with disability, loving family members, police work, guarding businesses, active lifestyles (hiking, swimming, running etc..), movies, music videos and will do anything that it is taught to do really.

ALL of our Rottweilers are well bred and hand picked to ensure they meet our expectations that ensure they have an excellent temperament.

Rottweilers Pigmentation

A Rottweilers mouth and lips should be a dark pigment.  Its not uncommon to see and hear that the pigment in the dog’s mouth go pink and then go back to its original pigment. Why does the Rottweilers mouth pigment go pink or change? Well there are various factors that may cause the mouth and lips pigment to change. Genetics (pedigree behind the dog), stress and hormones. Dogs with pink or “bubblegum pink mouth” should not be bred as this is not breed standard.

Rottweilers with white spots

It is possible for a pure-bred Rottweiler to have white spots in its body but more commonly found on there chest. Like the pigmentation it is also a genetic trait that is in the dog’s linage. It is a trait that we as Rottweiler lovers and enthusiasts should aim to eliminate the trait as it is a DQ in Germany and clubs like ADRK, USRC, ARV, RKNA and AIRK. AKC does not DQ a dog with the trait should be avoided.

These white hairs and spots are NOT health related in any way. It is solely a different colored type of fur that does not affect the dog’s health in anyway. It is not recommended to breed a dog that has white hair because as stated above the goal is to eliminate the trait. Puppies that carry the trait are sold as “pet quality” by breeders and disallows the dog to bred in the future.

Rottweilers Eye Color

The Rottweilers eye color according to the breed standard should be “dark brown in color” and should be almond shaped. This is not for any health reason but is more of an important trait and is also the written breed standard. Having light eyes takes away from the Rottweilers fearless expression and appearance. They check and analyze the eyes color with an eye color chart from Germany that shows the different shades of eye colors. Anything really light is considered a DQ or disqualifying fault. The Rottweiler should NOT have any form of colored eyes that like green, blue, yellow etc…

Rottweilers Ear Set

The Rottweilers ears should lay close to the head and lay forward. It is common to see the ears not carried correctly and having a flap in the ear. This can easy be fixed as the cartilage in a pup’s ears are very malleable and trainable to position them correctly. Ear taping the Rottweilers ears is one way too help the ears lay forward. The tape only has to be left on a few days as needed.  By taping the ears, we are in a way “training” the cartilage to fold correctly. In conformation a dog with folded ears may be dinged and therefor lower his placement.


ADRK – Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub. The adrk is the governing body of Rottweilers in Germany and their motto remains, “Rottweiler breeding is working dog breeding”. ADRK is the governing body worldwide for the Rottweiler breed and is the only organization that is entitled to set the breed standard. They’re goal is to preserve the health and functionality that the breed should have. The Rottweilers origin is from Germany and can be traced back to more than 100 years ago (1901).

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