Why choose Vom Blaustadt Rottweilers in San Jose?

We here at vom blaustadt rottweilers are dedicated to breeding the complete Rottweiler. Unlike most breeders in San Jose, we only have limited breeding’s a year because we are firm believers in quality not quantity. Our facility and kennels are always kept clean and sanitary for the healthy living of our dogs. We ensure that our dogs receive the best food in the market to allow them to grow to their full potential. Additionally, our dogs are physically in shape year-round due to our exclusive workout program. Not to mention our winnings at dog shows nationwide across the US! Our breeding program offers the best pedigrees/lines in the world and direct German imports alike! Also, we will never breed our females/males without being two years of age and proper health tests. More so, we will commit hundreds of hours with our Rottweiler puppies in San Jose individually from birth until they go to their forever homes. ALL of our puppies are hand raised and socialized from a very young age to build independent, strong and well-rounded and socialized pups. All our pups go home with their health certificates from professional and licensed veterinarian. We offer 24/7 breeder support to our puppy owners to answer any questions you may have at any given time. Making us one of the best Rottweiler breeders in the United States!

What to look for in your Rottweiler puppies San Jose?

When looking around for a Rottweiler puppy in San Jose, first and foremost you should always ask the breeder what health tests have been done on the parents. The Rottweiler like many other large breeds are known to obtain hip and dysplasia. So, finding a reputable breeder that has health tested parents is crucial when searching for next puppy. Then want to choose the right puppy from the litter that best fits you and your family. Like people each dog/puppy have a different personality. When it comes to choosing your Rottweiler puppy, be sure that the puppy you are interested in is not shy or afraid of you. You want a puppy that is outgoing and friendly. Observe how each puppy acts with the litter and alone. Also, take a look at the parents if they are on the premises. Can you pet them? This is important because traits are passed on, with that being said you don’t a puppy from an aggressive, shy or not well socialized parent. While taking a look at the parents remember that a Rottweilers head aka (type) should not be overly exaggerated or overdone to the point where it looks like a pig or mastiff breed. Remember your buying next family member, so don’t try to save a few bucks and then in long run pay thousands of dollars due to health issues!



This is one of the most important things we look at. We carry out the appropriate health tests.


We make sure the Rottweilers bred are not aggressive in anyway.


We look at General Appearance, Head, Body, Forequaters, Coat, Hindquarters, and Tail.


If I have to build drive and use many different ways to get the dog to do what I want, means it does not have a natural drive.